I was showing The Gathering Space to a young bride-to-be a few days ago when she mentioned the movie, A Walk to Remember.  She said she was excited, because The Gathering Space reminded her powerfully of the chapel where the young star-crossed lovers were married in the movie, and it had been her dream to find a place just like that for her own wedding.

When I heard this, I was intrigued by the comparison, My memory of the movie is a bit hazy (although I am going to make a point to watch it again!), but pictures and descriptions of the chapel that I have found do indeed put me in mind of my own little country church.  To paraphrase one of the writers who expressed strong feelings about the little chapel in the movie, ‘a wedding will be most special if you are surrounded by your intimate family and friends.  The cozy chapel in A Walk to Remember gave the ceremony a sweet, sacred feeling that might be missing from a larger, grander wedding.’  Fans of the movie also mention the beautiful colors of the chapel, and the simplicity and peacefulness of the surroundings, traits which The Gathering Space shares.  Like the chapel in A Walk to Remember, The Gathering Space has hardwood floors, clean white accents, and fantastic light.  Both  The Gathering Space and the Orton Plantation Chapel (the actual name of the chapel in the movie) have clear glass windows, which allow beautiful sunlight to stream in, and images of the leaves and sky to replace the more traditional stained glass images found in most churches.

If you are ever in North Eastern Carolina, you should take a trip to the Orton Plantation Chapel.  I am sure you will find its beauty and simplicity inspiring.  If you are planning a wedding here in Wisconsin, why not take a look at The Gathering Space.  You can have a beautiful, intimate, and unique wedding in a truly memorable setting, and for an affordable price.   I can promise you that if you are married at The Gathering Space, you will take your very own Walk to Remember, in a setting that you will never forget!

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