The Gathering Space is located at:

8494 State Rd 21

Omro WI 54963

(4 miles west of Omro on State Rd 21)


Please scroll down through the information on this page to learn more about our rates and services. 

We are very willing to discuss your individual needs, and believe that we can work with you to find a plan that suits your budget. 

You may request a date by clicking on the calendar on the right and filling out the reservation form below the calendar.   This does not obligate you to book that date,  but will hold that date for you.  Once you have indicated your interest in a particular date,  Jen will contact you.  You may also contact Jen by calling 920 685 2094 or emailing for more information if you wish.

If you need space for people to gather, we have just The Gathering Space for you! We are available for a variety of special events including:

  • Wedding Ceremonies  ~ The Ceremony is $500.00 if we provide the officiant and $425.00 if you provide your own officiant.  
  •  Scroll down to “Receptions”  to  see information about having your wedding reception at The Gathering Space.
  • For other types of gatherings,  see list of rates in green box below or contact Jen for more information.

It’s not just for Weddings!  The Gathering Space is perfect for:

  • Renewals of Vows
  • Meetings
  • Family Gatherings
  • Photography Studio Rental
  • Art Exhibitions & Sales
  • Church / Worship Services
  • Performance Venue
  • Dances
    • Holiday Parties
    • Corporate Parties
    • Birthday Parties
    • Wedding / Bridal Showers
    • Baby Showers
    • Wedding Receptions
    • Funeral Dinners
    • Memorial Service Dinner
~The Gathering Space offers a 10% discount to those entering or serving in the Military.

Belle Film [and photography] offers for $100 as part of a package deal with The Gathering Space, full coverage of the ceremony (meaning no exact limit to the number of photos taken during the ceremony), two photographers who will arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony for a few getting ready photos, and 2 couple photos, 2 group family photos, and 2 wedding party photos immediately after the ceremony (or a total of 6 photos after the ceremony of the couples choice, example: the couple could use all 6 photos for couple photos instead). All photos taken will be edited (multiple versions, example: black and white, sepia, and other), saved onto a disk or usb and given to the bride and groom to print off of or do as they like with. All photos will also be available for previewing and use on Facebook as they are edited.

Additional photo coverage is available at the regular Bell Film [and photography] prices: $75 per hour for the first 4 hours and $50 per hour after that, this includes DVD, two photographers, multiple edits and unlimited time and number of photos.


In the case of smaller weddings (around 60 people or less) , it is possible to have your reception as well as the ceremony at The Gathering Space.  For a wedding with “everything”  (officiant, ceremony, reception), the cost will be $650.00.  For a ceremony and reception only (you provide your own officiant) the price is $600.00.   All prices include a separate time for the rehearsal.

The Gathering Space is pleased to announce a special collaboration with The Wedgewood Supper Club, located just 10 minutes away on State Rd 21.  You can have a beautiful and intimate ceremony at The Gathering Space, and a wonderful sit down dinner over at the Wedgewood.  The Wedgewood features an excellent selection of dinner entrees, along with a wonderful selection of lighter fare.  They also have a dance floor, if you would like music and dancing on your special day!  The Wedgewood will provide Wedding Cake Cutting Services free of charge if you book your reception there following a Gathering Space Wedding!  Visit their website to learn more about The Wedgewood:

If you are planning for a reception with more than 60 guests, but would like to bring in your own food,   the Rushford Town Hall is an excellent option.  The Rushford Town Hall is only 3 minutes away from The Gathering Space and seats up to 100.  Visit their website to learn more:

Rates for Receptions, Parties and Other Types of Gatherings

It is possible to do both wedding and reception at The Gathering Space.   A weddingplus reception at The Gathering Space is $600.00. If you would like us to provide an officiant for the ceremony, that will cost $650.00.  This works best for small receptions.For larger receptions (over 50 people), we suggest booking the lovely Wedgewood Supper Club, which is only 10 minutes away, for your reception.  If you plan a gatherings of more than 60 people, but would like to bring in your own food,   the Rushford Town Hall is only 3 minutes away, and can seat up to 100 for a reception.  The cost to rent the Rushford Town Hall is $100.00., Meeting, Shower, Dance, Performance or Gathering:  The rate is dependant on the time, services, and staff required for your event.  Please scroll down for a list of hourly rates.  Remember, these rates are only a starting point.  At The Gathering Space we recognize that each event is unique, and we are willing to work with you to help you have the special event you are dreaming of at a price you can afford!See Below for Hourly rates (call 920 685 2094 or email to learn more).

Base Rate to rent the space for non-wedding events:  $100.00
4 Hours: starts at $100.00 for 4 hour rental
8 Hours: starts at $ 150.00 for 8 hour rental
24 Hours: starts at $300.00 for 24 hour rental
Full Week (7 Days): starts at $700.00 for a full week


An additional $50.00 security deposit is required if alcohol will be served at the event (this deposit will be refunded after the event provided everything is in order)